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newbie !! ...........

Posted by mohamanee on Apr 15, 2012 12:55:11 PM

Hiya Everyone...

I have never done a blog before, however i am familiar with it, my eldest son have been blogging for the last 2years ( like they do ) here goes !!!

I have been an Avon Rep for a short time (4 months), I am currently on my 5th campaign and I am absolutely LOVING it..
I was abit shy in the beginning but my my confidence has since gone sky high,  I have met alot of new people and  find  AVON to be the easiest thing to talk about i.e skin, beauty, fragrances & hair and i also enjoy educating others about the products. My hubby also very happy now that ive found something to keep me busy on my free days (instead of parading the shops and malls,  bless him, not that he ever moaned about me spending his money lol ). I am from South Africa so dont have a network of selling to family which is usually a big incentive for most reps but my friends have been the best and very supportive, they say i fit the part & its all me lol....... which motivates me even more

Avon Connects has been really fantastic too, i've met some great people here with loads of advice and tips on how to be a successfull Avon Rep.

So I just want to say a huge thanks to Avon and all of you wonderful people here at Connects and wishing you all the very best ......

Anee xxxx


Apr 17, 2012 7:06 PM stephsbeauty stephsbeauty    says:

Hi there thanks for the add as a friend.  I'm new as well.  Most of the family gets their Avon from a neice who lives closer to them so I too am building a customer base.   Good luck and happy to swap information.   Week 1 of my first campaign have 2 small average orders and 3 potential customers today. 

Apr 18, 2012 4:22 PM mohamanee    says in response to stephsbeauty:

hi steph....


wow that is great, well done you !!


I get most of my orders from  work and some from the other mommy's/my buddies at school.

I've not attempted brochure drop off's yet and dont have a particular territory but i always have some in my bag /car and leave them just about everywhere, even at the gym.  I go twice a week and the lady that runs the cafe placed an order, i was so surprised and chuffed, whoop!!


OMW what awful weather??  I got myself some new sandals and done my toes with new nail pro+ real red, they look fab and i love the colour, so guess i'll have to wait to show them off lol!!


Good luck hun & take care,  just ask if you get stuck am happy to help where i can.