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The ombre effect

Posted by AvonfabulousBlog Aug 14, 2014

Our guest blogger Tara from TarMar tells us how to create a gorgeous, ombre effect lip look ...

Lipstick Ombre3v2.png

Bored of the same old nudes and reds? I got your back! I present the clumsy girl’s guide to an easy, wearable ombre lip. I created two looks to have you covered for all your deserving Summer occasions, a pale coral and nude for the day, and a plush plum alternative for the nights. Let’s get to it!


You’re going to need two complimentary lip colours for your ombre look. A nude always works well for the centre, but you can have much more fun with the outer colour.

Lipstick Ombre1v2.png

Left to right: Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick in Power Plum, Ultra Colour Lipstick in Cashmere, Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick in Bright Nectar and Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick in Bare Impact

Lipstick Ombre2v2.png

  1. Take your darker lipstick on a lip brush, or if you’re really confident; straight from the tube and outline your lips, concentrating the colour on the outer corners. If you find it difficult, just place the colour all over the both lips.
  2. Use a cue tip to remove the lip colour from the centre of the lips to make way for the nude. This way the nude will stay vibrant and not overly mix with the previous lipstick underneath, key to the ombre look!
  3. Again with a lip brush or from the tube, concentrate the nude shade on the centre of the lips, feathering out and blending slightly into the darker colour on the outer edges. A brush really helps to blend or fix any mistakes!


And there you have it, a modern fun lipstick look using my favourite Avon shades!

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Avon's celebrity make-up artist Liz Pugh tells us how to create a bold Summer look using NEW Ultra Colour Bold Lipstick


An instant and easy way to change your makeup look is by changing your lip colour. Summer is a great time to switch to a brighter lip shade as a pop of colour will always work well on bronzed skin tones. It’s always easier to wear a nude for the daytime, to look effortlessly groomed, but I also embrace colour for daytime and evenings, nothing looks greater.


Bold Lipstick.png


Wearing a brighter colour means you can keep eye makeup to a minimum, so the emphasis is all on the lip, it will look great with a sweep of bronzer for daytime and nighttime. Just add an extra coat of mascara for evenings and you are ready. When wearing a brighter lipstick shade, if you want to wear any eye shadow, stick to natural shades.


Why not dip into the trend and try a brighter stain on the lips for daytime, it is so fresh. Just press a little colour on with your fingers, then for evening pump up the colour straight from the bullet.


A word of warning when wearing brighter colours on the lips, make sure if you are going to wear a blusher it falls into the same colour family so it doesn’t colour clash, I know colour clashing is all on the runways with clothes but strictly a no-no with makeup!


Bold Lipsticks.png


Some of my favourite summer shades are from the brand new Ultra Colour Bold collection:


-          Bare Impact

-          Bright Nectar

-          Pink Punch


And a very modern shade we have been seeing lots of is Power Plum, which looks amazing on tanned glowing skin, less gothic than it can look in the winter months against a paler skin tone, it is surprisingly fresh on sun kissed skin.


I try not to worry too much on whether a particular shade suits a skin tone, when I do a show 24 girls in the line-up will all wear exactly the same shade, I am not a big fan on rules, they are meant to be broken! But for those who do like to be a little more conservative, and there is nothing wrong with that! The general rule is that bluer tones in lipsticks will look better with cooler skin tones, the ones with blue undertones and warmer tones suit more yellow warmer skin tones.



Click here to enter our #AvonBold competition and find out how you can win one of 30 Ultimate Gift sets. Terms and conditions apply

Love Liz's tips? Click here to read her bright make-up looks for Summer


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE.


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Our own beauty blogger Preeti shares her bold looks using NEW Ultra Colour Bold lipsticks.




Avon Ultra Colour Bold lipsticksv2.png


Click here to enter our #AvonBold competition and find out how you can win one of 30 Ultimate Gift sets. Terms and conditions apply.


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE.



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Our guest blogger Tara from Tar Mar shows us how to create gorgeous yet subtle bright eyes. A must-see tutorial for anyone who would love to try out new eye colours



Tara thumbnail 1.png

Tara uses:

True Colour eyeshadow single in Satin Taupe

SuperShock Brights mascara in Violet Shock
Glimmerstick Diamonds eyeliner in Sugar Plum
Blush Duo in Positively Ethereal
Ultra Colour Bold lipstick in Bare Impact


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE.



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Introducing our lovely new guest beauty blogger Tara from Tar Mar. She filled in this fun questionnaire so we can get to know her a little better....


How did you start blogging? I'm queen procrastinator, so my blog came about when I should have been studying for my final exams at school. I think I made a new video or post every day, it was an escapism from the stress of exam time. I really wanted to share everything I knew about what I loved, makeup and fashion!


Must have makeup item? Concealer concealer concealer! I feel ten times more confident if my under eye circles are under control, and as my skin is quite uneven the concealer just removes the redness around my nose too. I love that fresh-faced 'yourself but better' look.


Worst makeup blunder? When I was 13 I had this god awful metallic sea green eyeshadow that I used to wear every single day with eyeliner to school. No foundation of anything, it was awful! Oh and over plucked brows to complete my look...


What's your top tip if you're feeling down? I find jogging clears my mind a lot, even if its only 20, or 30 minutes and I think everything through outside in the fresh air. Also having a nice long hot shower, followed by a complete pamper session hair, makeup and nails, even if I'm not going anywhere its just relaxing! I also love making videos for my blog & my youtube if I'm feeling stressed or upset. It really takes my mind of things, especially the editing and then seeing all the positive responses once I've shared it.



Favourite song/movie? I've got so many favourite songs and movies but I'm going to be a total girl and say the Notebook because it's the first one that sticks out in my head and I'm a total romantic at heart. Musically I'm all over the place but I'm loving the new tracks from Lykke Li & FKA Twigs right now.


Favourite vloggers? I love anyone who does something new and experiments on youtube. I'm enjoying Hey Claire (Claire Marshall) at the moment. I also love Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup's opinions on new makeup products and well as Barbara(ThePersianBabe)'s fashion eye.


When did you first get an interest in beauty/makeup? I was interested in makeup from a very early age, 12 or 13 I started messing around with it and I was always a pretty creative child so anything I could get my hands stuck into was great. I wanted to become really good at it, so I started watching youtube tutorials a year or two after that to learn more!


Favourite colour? Green's always been my favourite, it's the colour of living things in my eyes. Things usually flourish where theres greenery so I feel like its a good luck colour or something when it comes to personal endeavours.


YouTube | Twitter

Tara x

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Avon's celebrity make-up artist Liz Pugh shares her beauty tips for Summer and tells us how to use the new colour Brights range.


Summer skin is all about radiance, glowing skin and shedding all of those layers we have used in the winter months, just like in our wardrobe and revealing what’s underneath, a scary thought for many of us! I want to help you achieve this in a simple way, it’s barely there make-up but with clever layering and application, you will look radiant and fresh faced.


Two of my favourite products for getting this look are the Avon CC cream and the new Corrector Palette, which will help to disguise a multitude of sins.


The texture of this palette is creamy with a good pigment base, it contains four shades to neutralize and enhance your complexion. They’re meant to be worn under your base, so this will be your first layer after moisturizer.


Colour Corrector.png


  • The pink shade is great to even out a pale skin tone; it will help to cancel out any purple under the eye area. The pale pink will brighten a dull complexion with grayish undertones, it can be used to highlight as well, and it looks great applied along the top of the cheekbone to lift the face.


  • The neutral shade next to the pink is also great under the eyes, and will help to neutralize any redness and discoloration.


  • The orange shade will counteract blue and purple, great for under eyes, hyper pigmentation etc


  • The yellow shade will work to neutralize purple and scarring.


  • The top two shades are fantastic on paler skin tones and the bottom two will work well on more sallow and olive skin tones. They can be mixed to achieve the right tones.


Be like an artist, play around with this palette mixing it up and you will see a difference. Once you have color corrected you will only need a light layer of foundation, which is why I love to use CC foundation on top. That’s all it takes.


Liz Pugh Blog 1.png


The next thing I want to write about in this blog is colour, as we are now in high Summer there are plenty of reasons for us to try out a new look (festivals, weddings etc..) and I love the new Brights range for this. They really work with a radiant complexion and will awaken tired eyes.


Try dipping into the colour trend with eyeliner, whether you draw it along the top or bottom lash line, whether you smudge it in like a shadow, its perfect for the summer season.


There are no rules here, if you really are unsure which colour to try, these are my fail safes –


Blue eyes – Magenta Max

Brown eyes – Cobalt Cool

Green eyes – Purple Punch


Aqua Shock and Turquoise Burst will work on any eye colours.


You can apply over a black liner to intensify the colour and to add more dimension or wear alone.


Colours look amazing with the lid left bare, or a soft sculpting with a taupe shade is all you need to enhance the eye.




I adore the new SuperShock Brights mascaras, another great way to dip into the colour trend. They really lift the eyes and give a bright eyed look. Again you can layer over a black mascara to first add depth to the eye, applying the colour to the tips. On a shoot recently I painted the mascara on with an eyeliner brush, alternating between black and Emerald, two or three lashes at a time, It looked great, and this can be done with any of the colours, it would work really well with Royal.


Another way to wear a colour mascara is to apply it first, then add black to the outer corners to elongate the eye.


Again if you are unsure what colour to try, the following will enhance the eye colour.


Blue eyes - Emerald

Brown eyes – Royal

Green eyes – Violet


I hope you love them as much as I do.


Love Liz's ideas? Read here for more of her beauty top tips


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE.


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Kohl eyeliners

Posted by AvonfabulousBlog Jul 14, 2014

Our beauty blogger Preeti shows you how to use NEW Avon Outstanding Eye Dual-Ended Kohl Eyeliners... perfect for a sultry smoky effect




Avon double ended kohl pencils 02.jpg

Avon double ended kohl pencils 03.jpg


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you.
To find your local Representative:



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Waterfall nails

Posted by AvonfabulousBlog Jul 10, 2014

Our fantastic guest nail blogger Fiona from MakeUpSavvy shares her waterfall nail tutorial...

Waterfall nail art is on trend and all over the internet at the moment, and rightly so! This simple nail art technique requires minimal effect and can brighten up any manicure – plus the colour combinations are endless!


Waterfall Nail Art - Main.png

Here I've gone for pink hues, but, trust me, any combination will look great and can be adapted for any season or occasion.

Here's how to create waterfall nail art...

Waterfall Nail Art - 2.png


You will need – A base colour of your choice, 3-4 nail polishes in a similar shade range, Avon Nail Art Tool, a clear top coat and acetone/nail polish remover (to clean your brush).


  1. Start by applying your base coat and leave to fully dry. Here I decided to go with Avon Nailwear Pro+ in Purely Peach as it's such a lovely nude shade and a great base to show off waterfall nail art

2. Next you want to take the brush end of the Avon Nail Art Tool and your first nail polish colour and paint 3-4 staggered lines onto your nails from the cuticle. I decided to start with the boldest colour first, Avon Speed Dry+ in Strawberry.

3. Take your second nail polish colour and again paint on 2-3 lines of varying lengths. Making sure you've cleaned your brush first! Here I used Avon Speed Dry+ in Mambo Melon.

4. With your final nail polish colour fill in any gaps, again with lines of varying lengths. Here I went for Avon Speed Dry+ in ASAP Pink, which is in fact my favourite pink from the Speed Dry range.

5. Before your nails are fully dry, finish with a clear top coat to blend everything together a bit and to give a glossy finish!


As you can see from my other nail swatches so many colour combinations work with this simple nail art. Also why not add in a shimmer/glitter nail polish for a special occasion or for a more dramatic effect. Base coats used from left to right – Avon Speed Dry+ Mambo Melon, Avon Nailwear Pro+ Barely There and Avon Speed Dry+ Turquoise Pop.


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. Find your Local Avon Representative: CLICK HERE>



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Get brows that WOW

Posted by AvonfabulousBlog Jul 1, 2014

Our beauty blogger Preeti shows you how to create brows with WOW factor... a must-see tutorial for anyone who wants to make their brows more beautiful






You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE.









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Our top guest nail blogger Fee from MakeUpSavvy creates shimmery nails for summer... perfect to pack for holidays

Speed Dry Main image 1.png


This summer six new and exciting shades join the existing Avon Speed Dry+ range! Along with a fast-drying formula these six shades offer a wonderful hint of shimmer with subtle pearlescent flakes, that can be worn as a sheer wash of colour or built up for a vivid finish.


With a range of sea-inspired shades combined with subtle flakes the latest Avon Speed Dry+ Nail Enamels are truly unique additions. Perfect to adorn fingers and toes this summer! Here are full nail swatches, plus my own thoughts on the newest additions.


Speed Dry - Image 2.png


Aquatic tones through to sunny shades, the six latest additions to the Speed Dry+ range apply with the ease you'd expect from Avon nail polishes. However unlike most Speed Dry+ nail polishes these offer the option to be worn as sheer or opaque as you wish. With each coat the pearlescent flakes subtly layer adding depth and dimension to the nails. Below are my personal favourites!


Speed Dry - Image 3.png


Avon Speed Dry+ 'Trance' – A beautiful light turquoise that is my favourite to wear as a sheer wash of colour.


Avon Speed Dry+ 'Shipwreck' – Shipwreck is the most unique shade of the six, a sea lime green that really shows off the layered flakes in the nail polish. A perfect fresh shade for both spring and summer.


Avon Speed Dry+ 'Lure' – Another stunning blue with pearlescent flakes that give an overall shimmer. Perfect for wearing as a single coat or building up the intensity with a few coats.


Avon Speed Dry+ 'Underworld' – This could possibly be my favourite of the six new shades. Underworld is a true sea blue which mixed with the flakes really does resemble a glistening ocean! Also the least sheer needing 2 coats for an opaque finish.


Which shades do you like the look of?


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. Find your Local Avon Representative: CLICK HERE






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Our beauty blogger Preeti reviews four amazing Avon mascaras... to help you choose the one that suits your lashes perfectly

Preeti tries:

  • SuperShock Max
  • Mega Effects
  • AeroVolume
  • NEW Big and Daring, available in Avon Brochure 15


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE.

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Cherry nail art

Posted by AvonfabulousBlog Jun 23, 2014

We know you love a mani-Monday... Fee our nail blogger from MakeUpSavvy has created The. Most .Gorgeous. cherry nail art for you. Delicious and cute

Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite go-to nail art for summer! These detailed looking cherry nails are oh-so simple yet look wonderfully delicate and are guaranteed to get noticed.

Cherry - 1.png


Here I decided to go for a nude base but any pastel shade will look great, especially a pastel blue or white.


How to create the cherry nails -


Cherry - 2.png

What you will need – Avon Nail Art Tool, a base nail polish colour of your choice, a clear top coat, plus red, white and green nail polishes.

  1. After applying your base nail polish colour take the dotting tool end of the Avon Nail Art Tool and apply pairs of red dots all over the nails, aiming for 3-5 pairs of dots per nail. Here I used Avon Gel finish Roses Are Red – such a great vivid red.

2. Once the nails are dry repeat the step by placing smaller white dots inside the original red dots. You can do this with the Avon Nail Art Tool however take care to not overload the tip of the nail art tool and to lightly dot the white nail polish onto the nails. Tip – Avon Nail Experts French Manicure White makes for a perfect opaque white for any nail art.

3. Using the brush end of the Avon Nail Art Tool carefully paint on the cherry stems, creating little 'V' shapes with a slight flick for the leaf detail. Here I used Avon Nailwear Pro+ Wild Savanna.

4. Once the nails are fully dry apply your favourite clear top coat to finish off the cherry mani!


You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. Find your Local Avon Representative: CLICK HERE


Please let me know if you've tried the look!


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Guest beauty blogger Megs from Wonderful You shares her low-maintenance natural make-up - perfect for work, school runs, weekends... anywhere you need a low-key look


During the working week throughout spring and summer time, I love to sport a more natural, neutral makeup look. Letting the skin breath is so important and during a hot day no-one wants a sweaty makeup face, right?!

For my base I always reach for the Calming Effects Loose Powder Foundation, it creates a flawless base, covering any imperfections whilst remaining completely natural and giving a healthy glow to my skin – not to mention it stays put all day long! The Avon Glow Bronzing Pearls and Marbleised Blush complement each other beautifully – whilst the bronzer is matte, the blush has a gorgeous shimmer to it, helping to lift the cheekbones and add a flush of colour.


Like my eye shadow, I keep my brows and lashes minimal, filling in any sparse areas of my brows with the Glimmerstick Brow Definer and lengthening the lashes with my Luxe Mascara.



To finish the look I always opt for my absolute favourite Avon lipstick from the Luxe range in shade Silky Apricot. Its application is almost like a balm, so it feels moisturising throughout the day, with a little hint of shimmer running throughout to give my lips a perfect peachy glow.

How do you wear your make-up during the week? Do you have any top picks from the Avon range you think I should try?

You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE.


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Daisy nail art

Posted by AvonfabulousBlog Jun 12, 2014

Our guest nail blogger Fiona from MakeupSavvy has created some gorgeous floral nails to for a pretty splash

Final Main 1.png

Floral print is sooo in vogue. So to stay on-trend this summer I have created some easy Daisy Nails that anyone can achieve with the help of the handy Avon Nail Art Tool.


As always the manicure can be changed up with a different base colour –  for example a nude shade for more elegant nails and a bold red for super summery nails. However I personally love how well Avon Speed Dry On Point Blue goes with the daisy nail art.


To create the daisy nails -


1. First apply a base coat and leave to fully dry. Here I've used Avon Speed Dry+ in On Point Blue.

2. Next pour out a little Avon Nail Experts French Manicure White (my favourite opaque white for nail art) on to an old plate or piece of paper. Then taking the brush end of the Avon Nail Art Tool you want to carefully paint on short lines in a circle to create the shape of the daisy.

3. To finish off each daisy, again pour a small amount of a yellow nail polish, here I used Avon Speed Dry+ in Suddenly Sunny, onto an old plate or piece of paper. Then taking the dotting tool end of the Avon Nail Art Tool, dot a single small dot onto the centre of each flower. This will transform the nails in to a summery daisy meadow!

Remember to finish with your favourite clear top coat for a glossy finish and to ensure your manicure lasts.



You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. Find your Local Avon Representative: CLICK HERE


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Avon hair care

Posted by AvonfabulousBlog Jun 11, 2014

Megs, our gorgeous guest beauty blogger from WonderfulYou, reveals her Avon haircare favourites...

It’s no secret that the way to healthy, shiny hair is a girl’s product stash. Since I was around 12 years old, mum has ordered all her beauty products through her Avon Representative – and when a girl is reaching her teens, it’s pretty common to nab her mums stash, not buy her own.

Naturally I fell in love with all things Avon and my hair care routine hasn’t changed much since the days of listening to spice girls in my sporty spice crop top. Avon, on the other hand have continued to spruce up their product range and below are a few of my absolute must-haves. You know, the ones I won’t be without?


Avon Advance Techniques Strengthen & Protect Shampoo and Conditioner...

It’s safe to say washing your hair is a staple in anyone’s routine and with a normal hair type the only thing I need to focus on is keeping my ends healthy. This particular combo do exactly what they say on the tin - with Arginine and Keratin proteins they work together to create a more manageable mane whilst being delicate on the scalp leaving it refreshed. They give a real thorough clean whilst also remaining kind to coloured hair – big tick from me!


Avon Naturals Hair Care Strand Strength Detangling Spray...

Having longer hair means I am prone to knots after washing. There are no other detangling sprays I’ve discovered on the market that work as effectively as this beauty.  This spray is made up of juicy apricots and smoothing shea butter to help seal any split ends and make brushing through wet hair a hell of a lot easier. Not only does it smell divine, but it also has a low PH level making it easily one of my favourites.

Avon Advance Techniques Styling Heat Protect Spray...

I use a lot of heat on my hair, be it blow drying, straightening, crimping or curling the least I can do is provide some protection to my ends whilst styling. This 100ml bottle is perfect for any ladies on the go, it’s small enough to pop in your handbag but a little product goes a long way, meaning it will last for ages. With a fresh, fruity scent that subtly lingers on the hair you can’t really go wrong – not forgetting the fact it leaves my hair super smooth and sleek after use!

Avon advance Techniques Daily Shine Dry Ends Serum...

You know what they say - save the best till last? This bottle of joy is by far my favourite hair care product…in the world. Yep, you heard me right! My hair is prone to getting frizzy throughout the day and we all know that’s a real pain in the bum. I keep this in my handbag wherever I go and use it directly after styling. Be it straight, curly or wavy locks this will seal in dry, split ends, leaving a glossy (but not greasy) finish to the hair, without losing the shape or volume of the style you’ve created. I’ve used it for years and it’s just fantastic. A holy grail!



What are your Avon hair care must haves? Have you tried any of my staples?

You can buy all these Avon products online or from an Avon Representative near you. To find your local Representative: CLICK HERE.

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